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Injection Process Control of All-electric Injection Molding Machines


The annual growth rate of China's plastics machinery industry in recent years is about 30%, and it is one of the fastest growing industries in China's machinery industry. Plastic machinery products are mainly divided into three major categories of leading products: injection molding machines, extruders, and blow molding machines. Among them, injection molding machines are the largest variety of presses in terms of output and application volume. They occupy an important position in the export market of China's presses. About 60.4% of the total export presses.

Compared with the traditional hydraulic Injection Molding Machine, the all-electric injection molding machine has good environmental friendliness, no oil pollution, low noise, low vibration, high product repeatability, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, electricity saving. The characteristics of cooling water and provincial operating costs have been widely used in the molding field of new technology industries such as computers, electronics, multimedia, communications, optics, and other precision parts. In the Japanese market, electric injection molding machine technology has been used on a large scale and has also been widely promoted in Europe and the United States. China is also moving toward full electric control and precision control.

Haitian Group is the leading enterprise in China's injection molding machine industry. Its production and sales volume ranks first in the world. The company's total assets exceed 1.9 billion yuan. Haitian Group has been tracking international advanced technologies and developing its own core technologies through the introduction and digestion of foreign technologies. Its hydraulic injection molding machines occupy an absolute dominant position in the domestic market, and are exported to Europe and the United States and other parts of the world. Its all-electric injection molding machines have abandoned the full hydraulic system of traditional hydraulic drive injection molding machines, and all drives have been replaced by AC servo motors and AC geared motors, coupled with high-precision ball screw, synchronous belt drive, and a new digital control system, advanced technology products, reach the international high-end level.
The all-electric injection molding machine integrates a number of sophisticated control technologies with complex control and high precision. Jiusiyi Company stands out due to its strong technical strength and comprehensive understanding of the user's system when competing with many international competitors. Successfully completed the system design. Nine-way-developed Haitian all-electric injection molding machine system software communicates with the lower Mitsubishi motion controller through the SSCNET communication protocol, and completes heating, injection, mold closing, mold opening, demolding and other injection molding process control through the motion controller software. .
System design have these features:

1. Using Power View industrial tablet PC. Due to the harsh environment of the injection molding production site, vibration, dust, and electromagnetic interference are serious, and it is difficult for general industrial computers to meet the requirements. The superior design of Power View industrial tablet computer ensures the reliable and long-term operation of the system in this harsh environment. The industrial tablet computer product uses 512M electronic disks and embedded operating system (XPE), and the software adopts the "INSPEC" universal group. State industrial automation monitoring system.
2. The precision of all-electric plastic machinery products is relatively high. Because the feeding system has the advantages of high control precision, small maintenance, good production environment, high production efficiency and power saving. Mitsubishi feeding and motion control products are used.
3. Using SSCNET communication, this dedicated communication bus way to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the communication process.
4. The fast real-time curve and the millisecond-level real-time data curve are the special requirements of the aircraft. The INSPEC equipment data collection design is a good solution to the user's problem of accurately determining product quality stability by observing the fast curve.
5. Multi-language requirements: based on the. Net platform of the host monitoring software can be easily implemented in different languages online switching, to meet the needs of users in multiple languages.
The system adopts a layered design. The top layer is a production management system (L3 system) provided by Baoxin Co., Ltd. It is responsible for order management and production task scheduling management; the center is a central computer management system (CCC system) provided by Jiusi Yi, responsible for tasks. Analyze and manage the functions of subordinate cutting units (5 cutters in total), distribution and cutting tasks, and task completion upload; the bottom layer is the operating computer system (NC system) provided by Jiusi Yi, responsible for controlling specific cutting equipment according to production task requirements. Complete the product cutting task.

The main functions completed by the software system

1. Monitor and control the whole process of heating, injection, mold closing, mold opening, demoulding, etc.. Injection molding parameters can be set and operators' operations can be recorded at the same time.
2. The production of product data automatically statistical analysis.
3. Data changes in the injection molding process are recorded at an interval of 3.5 milliseconds and an injection molding curve is created. The injection curve can be compared with the reference curve to determine the merits of the injection molding product. The user can also select to save the injection curve as a reference curve.
4. Support multi-language online switching. Since the Haitian injection molding machine products will be exported to all over the world, the operating language must be the local language, and Haitian's technical support personnel may not understand the local language, so the system is required to be able to switch languages online and all functions of the system remain continuous after switching.
5. The alarm information generated during the injection process can be saved to the alarm database for future inquiries.
After the development of the Haitian all-electric injection molding machine system was completed, the users conducted tests on their 85 to 360 ton series of products. The system operation was stable and reliable, and it fully met the demanding requirements of the product to the system's hardware and software. The successful development of Haitian full-electric injection molding machine fills the gap in the production of all-electric injection molding machines in China. It has become a tool for Haitian Group to reach the international market and an important milestone for the domestic plastics machinery industry to improve its international competitiveness. The successful application of the universal configuration type industrial automation monitoring system in the injection molding machine industry also proves the strong technical strength of Jiusiyi.

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